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Finn Christensen and Poul Skov: An analysis of answers from the problem pages in school parents counselling from 2013-2015. The National Association of Schools and Parents have setup free and anonymous counseling, where parents can get advice and guidance about their children’s schooling and upbringing. Parents can get in touch both by e-mail and telephone. From 2013-2015, Parental Counseling received a total of 652 e-mail inquiries with a description of the problems and questions that the parents had not been able get clarified in their collaboration with the school. The number of inquiries steadily rose from 143 in 2013, to double that in 2015. There is now an analysis and description of which problems and questions have given rise to 652 parents having sent an e-mail to Parental Counseling to get help. Serious problems and questions were raised in the inquiries, which are both distressing for those that they affect, and which according to the parents’ experience, could not be resolved in collaboration with the school. These are such issues that are described in the study.
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